Men’s Barbershop Fresh Soap Bars

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Use this all-natural, moisturizing, conditioning, yet cleansing bar for aftershave of fresh hair cut. Your skin will feel soft and rehydrated. Handmade with such ingredients as bentonite clay and colloidal oatmeal, you will feel refreshed after every use. The luscious masculine scent will make you smell awesome as well.

Colloidal Oatmeal Benefits:

Corrects the PH of itchy or inflamed skin by bringing it back to its normal state. Oatmeal also moisturizes, protects and gently cleanses skin.

For Whom:

For everyone! It lightly refreshes and moisturizes your skin.

Directions For Use:

Use this bar of soap like you would with any other bar of soap.


A special blend of all natural oils such as organic shea butter and castor oil saponified and scented with organic essential oils AND MORE!!

Product size: 3oz Bar

Natural ingredients  & Made to Order

Handmade and made with organic ingredients

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